You are absolute beginner in skiing – go to Bulgaria and become a professional!

It is already time for autumn holidays. During the most picturesque season of year, each of us is planning where to go for the next portion of relaxation away from home! We are wondering where is the best place to go for having exciting vacation among the colorful autumn leaves. Definitely we should go to the mountain, but which country to visit – this is the main question!

Well, in Europe there are many suitable destinations that can be visit when the summer season is over and the only thing we can do is to say goodbye while having a great time in some picturesque place… Thus, we won’t suffer for the past summer and won’t feel so sad that we will not be able to go to beach anymore… Except if you visit some exotic destination where throughout the whole year is sunny and hot! – But this is too expensive for most people and hardly each of us will be able to afford it!

Let’s talk about the mountain destinations in Europe where you can go now and during the winter months for ski. Since we adore the snow and the autumn as well, are more than happy to talk about those types of holidays. Are you keen on the ski vacations too?

ski bansko

Bulgaria is the country where people from all over the world visit for having an unforgettable time among the amazing nature of this land. There is cheap, there is incredibly beautiful, while the atmosphere is simply indescribable influential… If you plan to visit Bulgaria now, we can tell you that this is an excellent decision and we even congratulate you about this! But if you plan to go to this country when outside is snowy and everybody wants to ski, then we can’t say anything but to go for Skiing in Bansko – one of the most famous ski resorts of Bulgaria!!

It is located in Southwest Bulgaria, in the Pirin Mountains and 927 m above sea level! Imagine what a fresh air there is… And not only – in this area you can enjoy wonderful nature that can take your breath away with its dramatic views and landscapes! During the winter season, all this is even more impressive and stunning, so organize your ski vacation in Bansko and have the best ski time ever!

How about the ski runs and the ski base in generally in this lovely Bulgarian resort? Are they good enough and will we have the chance to fully relax during our stay there? Is there something special that we have to do before to go to Bansko, so that to avoid eventual problems while skiing?

Actually, you won’t have do anything before to hit the road to Bansko, because even if you have no experience with skiing, will be able to visit the ski school in the resort. It is very good and if you have kids who want to learn ski, take them to the training ski base and just leave them in the experienced hands of the coaches! Be sure that they will do their best for your kids, as the attitude will be at a high level!

Mountains of Bulgaria have to be on the top of the list for every ski fan and lover of the picturesque nature as well. Not so far from the Black Sea coast you can find many villages nestled in the foothills of the mountains and being there you will feel a real relaxation… Nothing can be compared to the lovely mountain destinations of Bulgaria, as some of the most famous of them (except Bansko ski in bulgaria) are: Pamporovo and Borovets. For the second one we are going to tell you more later. Keep reading!

Just like Bansko, the other two ski resorts we have mentioned above are great and definitely worth visiting! Now or later, your visit should not be postponed since you miss many unforgettable moments. Moments that you hardly will be able to experience at another time! Use the chance to go to Bulgaria and if you have the possibility to visit them all (the ski resorts of Bulgaria), just do it and do not hesitate at all. We guarantee – every single moment there will be memorable and maybe even shaking exciting. – Especially if you are keen on the extreme sports!

Another winter destination for you to go for ski is Borovets. As we said, it is our second proposal for you today and now we would like to tell you more about it. Would you like to learn more about Borovets, or actually you already have been there and know very well what is about…?


We are writers and love to inform our readers about interesting places and destinations. And even if you have been in Borovets before, have touched the amazing nature in the area and are ready to go there one more time, probably there may be something you do not know about the resort… For example that there are located 5 lift stations, that there are 5 ski tows, or that the resort was a host the World Cup in Alpine style 2 times… See, there are facts that you may do know, so whatever you read here – will be useful!

This resort is very good destination for the families with kids. There are many nice hotels, you can also find many means of entertainments (except skiing) and a long list of establishments where to dine, or just to drink a coffee. Borovets offers great value for money and family-friendly conditions that every traveling parent will appreciate them with high praise. You too!

Note that every ski resort in Bulgaria has well-developed and carefully maintaned hotels and ski base. Prices are good, the environment is more that impressing, so the only thing you have to do is to pack up and to hit the road to Borovets or Bansko. – Or why not to Pamporovo :)?  This resort is also good option for you to ski and relax during the winter season. Think about this!

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