Our best travel tips after several years travelling Europe – part three!

Good morning dear readers! We know that you are sweating out to understand what we have for you today… And as usually, we attend to please you by giving you interesting information related to holidays and travels!

Today we’ve decided that it is already time for our part three of the incredible series “Our best travel tips after several years traveling the Europe”. In the previous two parts we have wrote for all holidaymakers who are open for new experiencesa and who love the exciting trips… If you are one of them, stay here and  find out many useful tips and adequate guidance about how to spend your time when on holiday in the best way possible.

So, just relax and enjoy the last part of this amazing series! But meanwhile, you can check on major travel sites and see some really amazing travel deals!

Tip Number 13 – Back up!

Well, when we start preparations for our vacation or round trip, hardly there is anyone who thinks about how to back everything up! Most of people are too busy to pack up, to check some flights, or to book a hotel that to back up is the last thing they are thinking of… And probably, you are completely convinced that to do all this it’s not necessary, but you are wrong.


When in a foreign country, you have to be sure that if someone steal your luggage or handbag, you will have a backup option! So, just make copies on an external hard drive of your important documents (visa, passport, health insurance card etc.) and thus you will be assured that you have everything you need…

Tip Number 14 – Do not hurry

Enjoy every moment and take your time! Don’t try to do things that are not within your power, or in other words – see as much as your time allows you… And yes, it is clear that everybody wants to see all the sights, nice restaurants and attractions during its holiday, but if you hurry too much, you won’t be able enjoy everything as it should be!

So, if you see some amazing view, just take more time to enjoy it and to feel the energy around you J.

Tip Number 15 – Take notes!

Yes, that’s right – describe your experiences… That may sound very strange to you and probably it didn’t come to your mind so far, but it is really useful and then you’ll be glad that you did it! Buy a small diary and take detailed notes along your way! Write the names of the people you meet, as well as their phone numbers and address, so that in time to be able to contact them – it happens often to create new friendships with interesting people and to forget to ask for their contacts (Very unpleasant, right?).

Tip Number 16 – Do not bring a lot of luggage.

Well, here want to point out that this tip is out of the picture for traveling parents who have one, two or more children! Everybody knows that when on vacation with family of 5 or 6, the chance to avoid the lots of luggage is 0%. But if you travel without kids (just with your half, friends, or even on your own), it is much better for you if you bring as less as possible unnecessary things during your trip! And you know for yourself that most of the things you put in your suitcase are never used, right? So, do not overload and bring with you only what you will really need…

And a bit of humor – ladies would be very disappointed and probably will skip this tip… Of course, that is quite expectedly considering their notorious vanity (casual clothes and shoes, elegant clothes and shoes, various tools for hair, several handbags that to sit well on the different clothes and shoes, etc.). So, it turns out that tip number 16 is valid only for men J…

Tip Number 17 – Call your loved ones!

If you are on a holiday with friends or some boyfriend/girlfriend, do not forget to call your family from time to time… That it is really important, because they surely are thinking of you and are worried about your safety, health etc. Another way to surprise them is to send them a beautiful post card or to describe all your experiences and emotions via email. Believe us, they will be very happy to hear from you. So, to stay in touch with the people who you love is really important and they will be very appreciate for that!


Tip Number 18 – Visit infamous places…

Most organized trips have one and the same tourist program. We mean that when visiting some country, you will have a guide that will show you the most famous sights around the area. But in fact, in every destination there are many other amazing spots that can be visited and that will impress you… And if you have a time to explore for your own, just try to go somewhere where the tourist group don’t go.

Some of the places might be difficult to reach, but actually that is the point – to feel the emotion of something really exciting and something that will make your adrenaline to rise up!

Tip Number 19 – Listen to the local music!

Every land has got its own musical style. You can visit a lot of places, take fun, listen to the local music and entertainment yourself. A good way to spend pleasant time is to buy a ticket for some festival or concert where a local group will take a part. Thus you will be involved in the native atmosphere.

Tip Number 20 – Travel MORE

Travel every time when you have this chance. Try new things and think different. Explore more. Have lots of fun all the time. Be creative and curious. Life with travels is much better than if you stay in one and the same place, if you just work hard and stay all the time at home. If you travel more, you will learn more and will see the world in different way… Enjoy each trip and take lots of photos all the time!

Dkot5A Author