Bansko, Bulgaria – enjoy the snowy fairy tale!

Hey, are there ski fans and mountain lovers? Is there anyone who still has not been on a ski vacation this year? Well, definitely there are many people who have not had the chance to go to some amazing winter destination, but even if that is so, there is a plenty of gorgeous mountain resorts that are awaiting you!

Most people think that the best time to have perfect winter vacation is from December till the end of February, but in fact that is just delusion… The truth is that you can have a fulfilled ski holiday in March and even in April! And yes, there are many incredible ski destinations where the tourist season is long and where you can still embark into a real snowy adventure, although March comes in 3 days!

Since we love you, would like to save you the time that you will spend in searching on the Internet (there is overfilled with travel deals) and directly tell you where is one of the most suitable destinations for you to go at the end of the winter season…  But don’t forget to tell us afterwards how you spent your holiday – otherwise, we won’t share with you interesting stories any more :). Of course, this is a joke and you shouldn’t take a serious view of it… Know that we are always there for you, ready to help you with any matter related to travels. And why not with something else?

So, without further delay, let’s start with the real part of today’s article…

And here’s Bansko – beautiful, snowy and very attractive! It is one of the most enticing winter resorts in Bulgaria thanks for its great conditions for having fun, skiing, relaxation and hiking. It is located in the Pirin Mountains, has a stunning nature and many beautiful sights you can see! And although the amazing resort of Bansko is famous among the tourists mostly as a ski destination, you can go there during the spring or even when outside is hot summer. The incredible, natural resources of the Pirin make Bansko for being a perfect destination for recreation in all seasons…

But today we are talking about ski holidays and we want to stick to the point – winter vacations in Bansko!

In this wonderful resort you can find about 70 perfectly maintained slopes, as for every beginner or advanced, there is a special ski run! Thus, you can comply with your own skills in skiing and to decide which track to choose. It sounds good, right?

We already told you that the ski season in Bansko is extend till the mid-April, right? But did not tell you why you can still ski when outside is already spring… Well, you can enjoy many snowy entertainments two clear months more, because in Bansko there is new and modern equipment that provides artificial snow (about 170 cannons).

Now you know why it is not too late to spend an amazing and very exciting holiday among the snow in Bansko! And keep in mind – its better late than not at all!

Well, we all need to eat good food when on vacation, to stay at nice hotel and to spend pleasant time with our families… And we all would like to get what we pay for… Do you agree with us? If yes, and also think that when paying lots of money, there must be something opposite, consider that Bansko is your place for you to go! BUT – being there you will receive a good quality by paying less… And that is actually the difference between this amazing resort and the other ski resorts in Europe! Prices are very low, the quality is very high and you will be amazed by the numerous chances for having lots of fun.

Except the plenty of attractive activities you will find in Bansko, there you can also take advantage of the excellent ski school in the resort… It is suitable for all holidaymakers who have not enough experience in skiing, but would like to improve their skills or to hire personal guide. And have in mind that all children are welcome to make their first steps in this amazing sport! The trainers are so kind and good in their job, that even the most reserved holidaymaker will trust them and like them…


Love night entertainments but also think that in winter resorts there are no good enough discos or bars? You are wrong…  For much to your surprise, in Bansko there are awesome night clubs where you can experience the most exciting night adventure ever! So, after your dinner just change your clothes, smile and go to the first disco which you see. It is not necessary to think too much where exactly to go – all the night clubs in Bansko are simply amazing and whichever you visit, won’t be disappointed!

Your hotel – one of the most important parts of every holiday… That is the place where you go for taking a rest and where you spend every single night during your vacation. So, it is really important to choose a comfortable hotel in order to relax after all day skiing.

All accommodations in Bansko are great and offer attractive travel deals. All they are suitable for families with small kids, as well as dispose with excellent equipment and conditions for having pleasant stay. You just have to know that there are several more luxuries hotels where the prices are lower and that may not suits you… But if you have no problems with your budget and have decided to stay at 5-star hotel, be sure that you can expect a full range of amenities, extras and affectations…

Many of our readers often ask us where to go for having the perfect holiday depending on the season outside… And every time we try to give varied and interesting information about different destinations, resorts and sights. So, if you have something in mind that would like to share with us, or have some questions about your next holiday destination chosen, don’t hesitate and just email us!

Dkot5A Author