A Road Trip from Glasgow to St Andrews

Are you planning a trip from Glasgow Airport to St Andrews? Then we’ve got a surprise in store for you – you can make your trip much more exciting than you’ve probably imagined. With plenty of things to see and do, we recommend hopping on a taxi ride and making the most of this adventure. 

In this article, we share with you all of the top things you can do on a road trip from Glasgow to St Andrews.

Things to do while traveling between Glasgow and St Andrews

Glasgow to St Andrews is a trip that offers an array of exciting activities for travelers. Whether you’re taking a day trip, or a longer vacation, this route provides something for everyone. 

Begin in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, where visitors can take in the attractions of the vibrant city center. From there, make your way to the west end of the city, which has several shops and cafes perfect for exploring. Take some time to visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow’s central park. This museum houses art from European masters such as Monet and Rodin, along with Scottish favorites like Charles Rennie MacKintosh. The museum also features exhibits on local history, science and more – making it an educational outing as well as a cultural one. 

The Riverside Museum 

This interactive museum showcases the history and culture of Scotland’s maritime past. The museum’s collection includes over 3,000 objects from ships, boats and carriages to bicycles, motorbikes and trams – all housed in an iconic building designed by Zaha Hadid. Visitors can experience realistic simulations, learn about the craftsmanship of shipbuilding and explore how transport has changed over time. 

Pollok Country Park 

Explore this lush green park that covers more than 350 acres just 15 minutes from Glasgow city centre. Pollok Country Park is home to ancient woodlands with majestic evergreen trees as well as vast grasslands dotted with wildflowers during springtime. There are plenty of walking trails for visitors to enjoy along with a children’s play area for younger visitors. 

Kelvingrove Art GalleryMuseum

One of Europe’s most comprehensive galleries and museums, Kelvingrove was designed by Sir John W. Simpson in 1901 and is home to 22 themed galleries featuring an impressive 8,000 objects including artworks from Rembrandt, Monet and Van Gogh. The museum also holds world-class natural history displays featuring dinosaur fossils, exotic taxidermy creatures and a planetarium.  

Glasgow Cathedral

This medieval church dates back to the 6th century and is one of Britain’s most important religious monuments. The cathedral survived centuries of political unrest and religious turmoil before being restored during the 19th century Victorian era. Take a tour to uncover its remarkable history and admire its stunning Gothic architecture up close. 

Mugdock Country Park in Milngavie

Next up on the itinerary is Mugdock Country Park in Milngavie – just outside of Glasgow. Here visitors have access to open spaces and woodland trails perfect for nature walks or mountain biking excursions. With over 650 acres of wilderness to explore, including natural lochs and streams, Mugdock Country Park offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, there are plenty of places to eat lunch or grab a snack while visiting this area—making it an ideal stop on any road trip between Glasgow and St Andrews. 

Dean Castle Country Park in Kilmarnock

Those traveling from Glasgow towards St Andrews should not miss Dean Castle Country Park in Kilmarnock – home to beautiful gardens as well as historical ruins dating all the way back to 1296! Dean Castle is full of interesting architecture that depicts aspects of Scotland’s past – including its ties with England during medieval times. Tourists can explore these ruins at leisurely pace while admiring spectacular views across Kilmarnock valley from atop its hillside perch. 

Culzean Castle Country Park

Continuing south toward St Andrews lies Culzean Castle Country Park near Ayrshire Coastline—a stunning 18th-century castle located on clifftops overlooking the ocean below. Here visitors have access to breathtaking views along with picnic areas, gardens and adventure playgrounds ideal for families looking for some outdoor fun! While at Culzean Castle Country Park one can also explore its secret caves filled with fascinating rock formations—making it an all-around exciting attraction not to be missed! 

Home of golf

Ending this road trip in the historic town of St Andrews is the icing on top! Known as “the home of golf” – golfers will find many championship courses within this coastal town open for play year round – but even if you aren’t into golf one can still take advantage of other activities within St Andrews such as boat tours along its picturesque coastline or sightseeing around its cobblestone streets lined with unique shops and cafes that offer visitors a true glimpse into Scotland’s past. 

From museums in Glasgow to castles near Ayrshire Coastline – taking a road trip between Glasgow and St Andrews offers plenty of attractions guaranteed to keep travelers entertained throughout their journey! Whether you want a quiet excursion through nature or an eventful spree through history – this route has something special waiting around every bend – making it an unforgettable experience each time!

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