Ski holidays in Bulgaria – which the best resorts are?

Winter is still far away but we have to be ready for the ski season as early as possible. Therefore, the best thing we can do is to make a short research of the tourist market on the Internet, as well as to check the travel deals for a ski holidays available. Maybe you think that it is too early for you to do that, because the only thing you are exited now is your summer vacation and you do not care about the winter one! Still, there is lots of time to book your vacation in the mountain, right? So why you have to read this article at all…?

Well, you are right, but we too. – Probably because you do not know about the advantageous tourist offers. – But we do. We are informed about all the discounts, that almost every hotel offers and would like to share this important information with you – the fans of the exciting holidays!


If we have to make a rating of the best ski resorts in Europe, we would start with the country of Bulgaria and its unique mountain destinations. This land has a stunning nature, while during the winter season you can go there for having the most unforgettable ski holiday ever!

In Bulgaria there are several winter resorts that you can visit when outside is snowy, when you need to experience something different and even wild, as well as when you are looking for budget-friendly travel deals! Bulgaria can give you all that and even more…

Go to Bansko Bulgaria – one of the most famous ski destinations in the country that welcomes thousands of guests every single winter, as their number is increased with each passing year… – Why?

The ski resort of Bansko is on the top of our list and also on the top of the European rakings for good ski destinations. So, if you do not have the possibility to visit the Alps, but want the best for you and your family when it comes down to winter vacations and exciting sports among the snow, book your winter vacation in Bansko even in August!

And no, it is not too early to do that – have in mind that just like the summer holiday, the winter one can get you much cheaper if you book it now! The big discounts for early bookings are waiting for you, so go and get them!

The incredible ski resort of Bansko is more than wonderful. It is located in the Pirin Mountain and is one of the most preferred ski resorts by the foreign tourists who visit Bugaria for having lots of fun and relaxation during the winter season. All the ski runs are well-maintained and suitable for all types of skiers: beginners, intermediate and professionals. Both the hotels and the restaurants are also on a high level, so do not hesitate and visit Bansko this winter!

Bulgaria is gorgeous land… Every year it welcomes millions of people from all over the world. Since the nature is picturesque and the climate is mild, this land is suitable for any kind of holidays: winter, summer, spring and so on.

But if you really want to touch the atmosphere of this country and to feel its spirit as well, visit some of its incredible mountains. They are many, as each of them has a powerful energy that will make you feel relaxed and much better than before! Still, everybody needs a relaxation from time to time, right? – Have it by visiting some of the amazing mountains of Bulgaria – during the winter season when everything is white and quite! Go for skiing in bulgaria!

As we have already mentioned, Bulgaria has several excellent ski resorts. Most visited are three, as each of them worth visiting. We told you about Bansko, but have in mind that you can spend your ski vacation in Borovets or in Pamporovo too. Both of them are simply amazing and just like Bansko are on a high level and fully adapted for families with children looking for the perfect ski vacation! Prices are also very attractive and you will be able to even extend your stay from one week to two – great, right!

Now we are going to pay attention to the lovely Borovets – the winter pearl of Bulgaria. The ski resort that everybody loves and is actually the first winter resort in Bulgaria – respectively the oldest one… If you have decided to go there when the summer is gone, we can only say “Very good choice!” The ski resort of Borovets is probably the best decision you can do when it comes to winter getaways, practicing of skiing, snowboarding etc. The hotels are cozy; the restaurants offer delicious food, while the night clubs and the other places where you can have night fun are varied and very good! What more you can want :)?


If you go on a ski holidays with your family and small kids, know that they can learn ski by visiting the local ski school. They can make their first steps in skiing with the help of professional trainers who have nice attitude towards children and know how to give them the knowledge needed!

Meanwhile, their parents can enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee, or to have a relaxing massage in some of the hotel SPA centers!

If we had to describe Borovets by using only three words, they would be: coziness, relaxation and fun! You will have all that if you go there during the next winter season, as a bonus you will take advantage of the low prices and quality services as well.

Organize your ski vacation in Bulgaria. Book a hotel in Borovets or Bansko, enjoy the most unforgettable vacation ever and make your family happy. Hardy your kids do not love the exciting snowy adventures and hardly do they not want to experience them this winter… Make their dreams come true and take them to some of the winter resorts of Bulgaria. They are waiting for you and will make your stay there unforgettable! Enjoy!

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