Explore the winter resort of Borovets, Bulgaria and give yourself an amazing ski vacation among the mountain!

Hello there! Probably you don’t have any patience to see what we are going to publish today, right? As usual, we have prepared for you very interesting topic that is related to the exciting winter sports and relaxing holidays, in the mountain, that each of us loves…

We are pretty sure that you know, but the winter is almost over (sorry), but if you go to Bulgaria for a ski holiday in February or even in March, that wouldn’t be problem, because its lovely winter resorts welcome tourist till the mid-April! So go boldly, ahead and prepare your luggage – you still have enough time to book your holiday and experience an incredible family vacation among the snow…


One of the best winter resorts in this magnificent land is Borovets where the nature is unique, snow abounds and things you can do (in addition to skiing) are very varied and interesting.

Right off the bat, we would like tell you more about the famous resort of Borovest…

This perfectly suited for all kind of ages resort was founded in the distant 19th century, as at that time it was well-known and popular as Chamokria. Later (in 1960-70s), the resort began to grow rapidly, as the first larger hotels in Alpine style and modern equipment for practicing of number of winter sports was available…

Nowadays, Borovets is synonymous with adventure, comfort and relaxation and there is no way, for you, to regret, spending your vacation at this wonderful place! All of this you will find in Borovets and give you a guarantee for fulfilling the unforgettable stay for your whole family.

You will find bellow some of the interesting facts about Borovets that maybe you did not know so far:

  • The resort has a great ski area that includes twenty-four incredible tracks with a total area of fifty-eight km! In addition to this, there are over 10 modern lifts available, which are perfectly maintained and having very good capacity.
  • All the ski slopes are located in several areas (Yastrebets, Martinovi baraki and Markudzhik) giving you the chance to choose a suitable run depending on your stage: first-timer, intermediate and advanced!
  • In Borovets there are excellent ski-schools, which is open to all who want to make prove its ski skills, or to learn something more about the niceties of this captivating sport! All instructors speak English, so with that the communication between you and the coaches will be quite easy and pleasant…
  • There are many types of accommodation facilities: cozy villas, nice hotels or cabins where you can take a rest after all-day adventures among the snow!

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