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Canoeing and Watersports in Perthshire

canoe AberfeldyPerthshire has some of the best sites in Scotland for canoeing and other watersports. You can have anything from calm, placid lochs to smooth flowing rivers to raging rapids. On this page you will find links for all ranges of watersports for the individual, group or family all year round. - the Scottish Canoe Association is the recognised governing body of canoe sport and recreation in Scotland - Perth Canoe Club - Kayak and Canoe news and info - sea kayaking in Scotland - VisitScotland watersport adventure pages

canoe - Beyond Adventure is a specialist outdoor company, based in Aberfeldy, Scotland, providing tailor-made experiences of the wilderness environment. - open canoe holidays in Scotland - Aberfeldy - Aberfeldy - Aberfeldy - Splash Whitewater Rafting - Aberfeldy - Ballinluig near Aberfeldy. Open the full year round, Nae Limits provide the widest and wildest choice of adventure and extreme sports within some of Scotland's most unique venues. - Open Canoeing in Canadian style one or two person canoes through the Scottish highlands' stunning landscape of mountains, lochs and freeflowing rivers is a special experience.

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