Top three of the most popular mountain resorts in Bulgaria. See this!

Would you like to experience an improbable and fabulous holiday in Bulgaria? Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable mountain adventure? If the answer is” Yes”, then this article is just for you. Today we are going to present to you the top three of the most popular and developed mountain resorts in Bulgaria. According to the tourists opinion and the yearly statistics carried out by all kinds of authorities, the most desired winter resorts are: Bansko, Borovets and Pamprovo.

We said “winter resorts”, but in the course of time these places became highly preferred summer destinations too. If you have not heard of them before, we recommend you to read the following rows…


Now, we are starting with the oldest Bulgarian resort – Borovets. Situated in the Rila Mountains, this place is the perfect choice for a winter ski holiday, or for a stay throughout the year. If you are keen on skiing, or other winter sports, take into account that Borovets is completely suitable and well equipped for this aim. Another interesting fact is the availability of many of different ski-runs in relation to length, level of difficulty etc. The resort is located at 1300m above sea level, the climate is pleasant, the snow cover is abundant and you will have the feeling that you can be there forever! If you decide to go to Borovets in the autumn, you will have the chance to enjoy the fabulous, picturesque views and landscapes!

Pamporovo – the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria! You can find this beautiful place in the Rhodopi Mountains, at 1650m above sea level. Along with all sports and pursuit, typically for the winter season, there are at your disposal a lot of comfortable and modern hotels, as well as many traditional Bulgarian restaurants. Perhaps you have heard that the local food is delicious? Yes, this is true and you should try it! You also have to try the various beverages such as the most famous Bulgarian alcoholic drink “rakia”.

If you are not a fan of the winter sports, you can make use of the opportunity to join in the summer bike fest, conducted each year. There are several routes, as each of them has its own name. The hardest and most extreme path is named „The Flow”. It is also completely renovated and improved, so you have to go there and try this exciting mountain sport!

Feel the fascination of the Pirin Mountains by visiting the third most popular resort in Bulgaria – the city of Bansko. We can say lots of words about this amazing destination. This place is “the door” to any number of attractions, amusements and options for mountain walks and extreme sports.

Located at 927m above sea level, Bansko will charm you with its nature resources and conditions for recreation. You can spend a great time among the wonderful forest, or practice mountain running.  If you want to raise your adrenaline, you have to try rock climbing, for sure…

Except all these things we have mentioned, we can’t skip to say, that in Bansko there are great SPA hotels and centers too. Imagine how nice it would be, after a tiring and dynamic long day in the forest, to relax in some luxurious hotel, drinking a glass of wine or enjoying a relaxing massage…

So, maybe you have already realized how many priorities have the Bulgarian resorts. We can guarantee, that the choice to stay there will be some right and good decision.

Enjoy the special moments with your family in Bulgaria!

Dkot5A Author