The amazing country of Bulgaria – a place with breathtaking nature and a variety of winter and summer resorts!

Hello dear readers!! We are so excited when it comes to journeys, beautiful destinations and holiday on some wonderful place! We never get tired of discussing topics related to tourism and more specifically to wonderful places where to go, having lots of fun and unforgettable moments…

Today we would like to pay attention to one of our favorite holiday destination – the lovely country of Bulgaria! This land is small, but in the same time is hiding an incredible and picturesque nature, reach and interesting history, many attractive winter and summer resorts, that over the years are highly developed and visited by more and more people from Europe and all over the world.

All that we are talking about maybe seems like some kind of „pipe dream“…


If you have not been already in Bulgaria, we want to assure you that this place is real and is awaiting for you throughout the year – whenever you go to Bulgaria, be sure that no matter whether outside is winter, summer or spring, you will find the perfect place for your family holiday.

Because the weather in Bulgaria is pleasant, during the summer season you will enjoy breezy days and nights – on the Black sea coast there are many attractive and modern resorts, as well as amazing beaches where you can relax while feeling the pleasant sea breeze…

Since we already have started talking about summer destinations, we would like also mention some of the most popular, visited and developed holiday resorts by the seaside in Bulgaria: Sunny Beach resort /the biggest and most visited by young people summer resort, where you will find a huge variety of night bars, discos, casinos etc. /; the ancient city of Nessebar /well, all the fans of romance should visit this place, because this it is just like in the fairy tales…/; the city of Sozopol /Another ancient and amazing holiday destination, where you will see breathtaking landscapes and magnificient sea views!/; Golden Sands resort /famous with its wonderful beaches and fine sands with a golden color, this place will impress you with its incredible nature, lots of fun, nice hotels and restaurants…/. On the Bulgarian seaside there are many other lovely summer resorts where to spend a great time during your summer holiday, but let us now discuss the mountain/winter resorts that provide really excellent condition for having fulfilling holiday, no matter if you want practice winter sports or just walk surrounded by beautiful nature on the numerous eco paths …

So, now we are going to list some of the most popular and well developed ski-resorts, that are actually in the top three of the most visited and preferred by the lovers of mountain tourism holiday destinations: Pamporovo /the sunniest mountain resorts/, Borovets /the oldest winter destination in Bulgaria/ and Bansko /the biggest ski-resort/. All these amazing places have excellent conditions for practicing of skiing, snowboarding, sledding etc., as well as well-maintained hotel and restaurant bases /the variety of cozy quest houses, luxury hotels and cozy huts will make your dream vacation in the mountain to be an unforgettable and of full value!

No doubts, you have to visit some of the SPA centers too, where you will have the change to enjoy a professional massage or beauty procedure, carried out by experienced and trained professionals / this could be the perfect end of your snowy and exciting day on the ski runs…/.

For the connoisseurs of the good food, there are at their disposal many restaurants where except that you will enjoy a delicious Bulgarian cuisine and different specialties, you will feel the incredible atmosphere contributing to your good mood!

Probably you are already burning from desire to visit the country of Bulgaria…? But maybe you are asking yourself too if these holiday destinations are too expensive? Well, do not worry about, because we can assure you that Bulgaria is one of the cheapest European holiday destinations and by no means you shouldn’t have lots of money to go there… As we have already mentioned, the mountain resorts in Bulgaria have the perfect conditions for having a fulfilling holiday and every pound spent will be worth it!

Dear holiday makers, thank you for your attention! We are hoping that we have been of help with the information about a place where to go… Have fun and enjoy Bulgaria!

Dkot5A Author