Sunny Beach holidays 2017 – see more here!

Summer is wonderful season not only because the endless sunny days, but because this time of year is providing us with great opportunities for having a fulfilling family vacation too! All holidaymakers are waiting impatiently to come this lovely season and to hit the road to some amazing, summer destination… After the long and cold winter, every of us are more than eager to feel the sea breeze and to experience many exciting emotions at the beach!

Be informed where the most attractive, summer resorts are and do not leave this page – here is collected varied, tourist information about amazing resorts and about how to travel better, but for less!

We as huge fans of both holidays and round trips always love to say that not only the destination is important when it comes to fulfilling vacation… We consider and always will that to be your family or solo trip really unforgettable; you have to be open to the world and to have adventurous spirit.

That is way today we have chosen for you a place that is not only perfect for your pleasant stay at the beach, but that is also a whole world of summer adventures… This gorgeous resort is called Sunny Beach and you will find it along the picturesque Black Sea coast of Bulgaria! See more about sunny beach holidays in internet and stay here.


Some of you, probably have been there and before (the resort is very famous in Europe), but in the same time there may be people who even have not heard about Sunny Beach – independently from its fame and regardless of the millions of tourists that it welcomes every summer!

For all those holidaymakers who want to experience something different this summer, Sunny Beach will be the perfect destination, as well as the most suitable resort in case you love the night life…

In addition to the amazing opportunities for you to have fun in Sunny Beach, have also in mind that both the hotels and restaurants are just as great and varied as the attractions in the resort. This is the resort with the largest accommodation base and nowhere else along the Black Sea coast, you will find more attractive and impressing place than Sunny Beach! – Keep this in mindJ.

Compelling night life, excellent hotels, cozy cafes and restaurants – that is Sunny Beach resort… And except that it is more than perfect for every family vacation when it comes to good conditions for recreation, it offers very attractive travel deals too! Every early booking can save you a considerable amount and if you hurry, the chance for you to get amazing price is huge.

Enjoy the summer fairy tale called Sunny Beach and do not forget to try the night life in the resort – it is really incredible!

Watch this video about the beautiful Black Sea coast of Bulgaria:

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