Visit Sunny Beach this summer – the hottest point along the Black Sea coast!

Would you like to be a part of a real summer adventure? Are you dreaming for the summer time when outside is hot, the entertainments abound and the summer resorts are wait for you?

In five months will start the summer season so now is the perfect time for you to choose the next destination for your family vacation at sea… In the Internet there are many exclusive offers for many varied destinations and resorts, so it would be very hard for you to make the right decision!  Click on this Travel blog to see more beautiful places for your next summer vacation!


Trust us and organize your summer excursion to Sunny Beach, that is well-known and very popular summer resort among the European tourists. Why we are recommending you this place? Well, because it has everything you can think about, it is modern, it is beautiful and will charm you with its dynamic atmosphere and impressing life in the downtown! There you can do whatever you wish… If you love water sports, go to the beach – there are many water attractions for both children and adults, while just right on the sand are located great beach bars providing long list of refreshments or alcoholic cocktails.

Sunny Beach is famous as the place with huge number of hotels – from the smaller quest houses to the 5-star luxuries palaces where every quest will enjoy the endless list of extras and amenities. All the time all the accommodations are fully due to the low prices and good quality of services! The All Inclusive packages are offered by almost every hotel in Sunny Beach, so you will enjoy a fulfilling stay for less. The price per night, per person in a 4-star hotel in the resort is about 35-45 euros and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as unlimited Bulgarian alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages that you can consume whenever you want.

The sweetest part of every summer holiday, this is the night entertainments… Here we can say that Sunny Beach is number one in Bulgaria when it comes down to discos, bars, clubs and night life! That is the place that never, never sleeps and is always there for you 24 hours’ day.

Dkot5A Author