My first time in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria!

Hello to all my favorite readers! Writing about holiday destinations day after day, I am feeling full of lots of positive energy and pleasant emotions!

Traveling is the perfect way to “fresh” your mind, free your soul and feel better… That is why I love to travel and explore new places, every time when I have this chance! And nothing can be compared with the emotions we experience when traveling and with the joy of seeing beautiful destinations and sights.

Since the summer season is almost here (only after three months), I would like share with you my personal experience when I was in Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria – the most attractive and modern resort I’ve ever seen!

My first time when I visited Sunny Beach was 2 years ago and the first thing that strongly impressed me was the euphoria making you fell kind of dizzy – people everywhere, music that sounds from the numerous establishments (beach bars, cafes, restaurants, amusement parks etc.), the many shops and kiosks, countless attractions of any kind etc.


People who are fans of dynamic life style and keen on wild adventures will fall in love with Sunny Beach resort, because it is the most astonishing summer destination along the Black Sea coast and a one-week vacation there will make you relax like never before!

The second thing that impressed me during my summer vacation in Sunny Beach was the incredible sandy beach. Kept in perfect condition it was the hottest point in the whole resort!

When you are at the beach, you can do so many interesting and entertaining activities (water wheel, jet skiing, beach volleyball etc.), that you won’t feel how the day is almost done (use a quality sun block with high SPF) and before you can say knife, it will be already dinner time!

Nights in Sunny Beach are so amazing that even the most skeptical person will be delighted!

My first night in Sunny Beach was really great – I had wonderful dinner at typically Bulgarian restaurant fully furnished in traditional style, as the live music contributing to the guest’s happy mood made me to get up and dance all the time!

After that, me and my company of friends visited one of the local nightclubs where a popular DJ entertained us with cool retro music. We had a great time and without any doubts I would come back there again for new party emotions!

Sunny Beach is now still the same – awesome, modern and rapidly growing… Get inspired and go there this summer!

And don’t forget to share with us how your holiday in Sunny Beach resort was ;)!

Dkot5A Author