Mice at home? Oh, no – what to do now

Whatever pests we have in our home, their presence is not desirable. Mice can also be part of the uninvited guests, who disturb us in many ways and even put our health at risk. When we are sure that we have a similar animal species, we need to organize mice control London, because only in this way we will be able to solve the problem, which is not small at all… It all starts with a phone call, and then a team of trained eliminators arrive on site at your home. The problem is discussed and then treatment begins.

How to understand we have mice in our home

Even if we do not see them, there are some signs that indicate that such pests have become part of the interior. Traces of feces, corroded furniture and other clear signs that mice are already a fact, and we must deal with their elimination in the long run. It would be difficult to try to do it ourselves, especially if we have specialists available – they know the behavior of mice, they also know where they usually hide and this helps them eliminate them quickly and successfully.

That is the reason why we should trust them in full and call them as soon as possible after find out that the infection is present. It can happen so that we even see the pests with our own eyes – this is indisputable proof that we need professional help. And the sooner we take advantage of it, the sooner we will see good results.

What the treatment consists of


You don’t like mice and you don’t want to have them in your home? It is perfectly normal wanting to eliminate them and start enjoying life again. Many people try to set poison traps themselves which is not always a good solution, especially if there are animals and children at home. This is exactly what makes the visit of the specialists so significant – they know what to do and how to do it in order to solve the problem permanently, and then to carry out prevention. Worth investing in this type of service? The answer is categorical and always positive!

When the answers are found, things become much easier for specialists and their work. Entry points are blocked and thus eliminate the risk of future invasions. The humane method is the most popular and often used, but it works flawlessly and that is why it is so preferred. The other way is by setting poison traps that repel mice and make them go far. Method of treatment is chosen by the specialists, but is also discussed with the clients in order to reach an agreement. The results are expected to be:

  • Healthy home environment without the presence of mice;
  • A comfortable home where there is no room for pests and their harmful effects on our health;
  • Calmness that we have done what is necessary to protect our property from domestic mice, which are one of the most common pests and can be anywhere;
  • Disinfection of the terrain – even if we no longer have mice, but we have had in the past, it is mandatory to disinfect the area, which may be a source of infection.

Since it is absolutely certain that there are mice at home and it is time to eliminate them, the next step is to organize the treatment and disinfection. For this purpose special traps and bait are used which attracts the rodents and makes them show interest in it. Once trapped, they are removed from the property. It is very important to find out where they come from and where they live and reproduce.

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