Еnglish-language kindergarten Sofia – best start for your little ones

We all remember growing up the what seemed like an endless path of different stages of schooling. The first one that all of us experienced is kindergarten. As the first stage, it’s so important to choose the best environment possible to get the best education, treatment and opportunities for a child. Most of us don’t remember much about such an early time in our lives but as adults we know how important it is for children’s development, their character shaping and communication skills to be in a place where they feel comfortable, accepted and can learn from other agemates.

ABC Kindercare – the best international kindergarten in Sofia

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If you are an English – speaking parent that has just finished with maternity and is living in the capital of Bulgaria, then the time for your little one to go off into the world of education has come. As parents, we 100% want the best for our children and we do the best we can to accommodate them. Up until kindergarten the entire load of disciplining, educating and entertaining a child falls on the parents, so it’s very natural for any mother and father to feel unsure and hesitant whether and who to trust with their offspring.

ABC Kindercare is an international kindergarten Sofia that educates boys and girls from all over the world. Offering you acceptance and the highest standards for such an institution, your child will definitely feel at home there. Not only will they learn the required material for their age, but they will also be taught important values such as respecting every individual equally which will help them become honest future citizens of the world.

There are also special programs for the children to learn more about the culture, language and traditions of Bulgaria to be aware of the country they are living in as well as constantly learning about their mother land. They will be able to develop and discover their capabilities and skills and be encouraged into building them up which will help them feel special and confident.

What are the benefits you are getting

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Every child requires a special approach because they are all unique with their own traits and they need to feel accepted in their environment. Making children feel like they are all the same will not be good for their self – esteem in the future and this is why all teachers and other employees in ABC Kindercare have that individual treatment for every boy and girl. If you are considering signing your child up with this establishment you should know all the benefits you are getting:

  • International organisation – a local kindergarten will not give your children the special attention and knowledge about their homeland nor will they speak English for your child. As a foreigner, we know how much we want our children to feel accepted;
  • Parent inclusivity – with this institution mothers and fathers are not sitting on the sidelines, instead they are actively participating in the educational programs and are always part of their children’s progress;
  • Top notch education – partnering with Sofia University and the Council of British International Schools helps ABC Kindercare provide the best learning process for your children;
  • Variety of activities- when there is good weather there is no hesitation in bringing the children our into the fresh air, playing sports and interactive games. The indoors isn’t any less fun with theatre games, drawing and of course many available toys so everybody can choose what they like.

So, if you are looking for the best start for your little ones and want them to feel at home and fulfil their potential in a safe, stimulating, prestigious environment and you happen to be a foreigner living in Sofia then you don’t need to look any further. Your child will always feel special and welcome and you will be invited to be part of their life in kindergarten every step of the way.

Dkot5A Author