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The most vigorous summer resort in the country of Bulgaria is the amazing Sunny Beach. It is also the biggest one and is located just 35 km far from the beautiful city of Burgas (take some time and visit this lovely town). Every summer vacation in Sunny Beach would be pleasant and memorable because of the great conditions that this wonderful resort offers: the mild Mediterranean climate (with abounding sunny days), suitable location, huge selection of entertainments and things to do, the many of excellent accommodations and good establishments etc.

Considering all the nice summer resorts located along the captivating Black Seas coast, everybody would ask “Why to choose Sunny Beach?”. Well, the resort is the only place in Bulgaria that has so many varied night clubs, modern restaurants, hotels that offer great All Inclusive deals and different kind of exciting entertainments! And being there you can keep your loved ones entertained (regardless of the age) all the time while exploring Sunny Beach and the area around this unique resort!


Go to the beach with the entire family – there is the hottest spot of Sunny Beach (except the night clubs and bars) where you can spend all day long by enjoying the sun, the crystal-clear water and the attractive water sports like banana boats, surfing, yachting, volleyball, parachutes and so on… The beach in this lovely resort is really awesome – comfortable lounges that you can hire (some hotels provide for free both lounge and sunshade in the area front of the hotel), many beach bars that offer cool drinks and snacks, as well as great disco music for your good mood on the beach!

Do not look far if you want to enjoy the happy hour in some of the incredible night bars or clubs in Sunny Beach resort! They are awesome, they are modern and are guarantee for your unforgettable night out… Be careful with the alcohol offered in the discos, because it is very cheap and you can drink too much (it is not good for you)!

Well, have fun and enjoy Sunny Beach resort this summer!

Dkot5A Author