How to easily clean your windows?

Window cleaning can be difficult, time consuming and often job that we are not able to do due to lack of equipment. Many properties have windows that are difficult to clean or hard to reach. Some have problems, which can be noticed only by the professional trained eye of a window cleaner. A professional window cleaning can provide an early warning of potentially dangerous problems. It is recommended that you clean your windows at least once a year.

With CleanDay London you will receive a professional window cleaning and rest assured that no spot gets missed out and you receive quality service by an experienced professional.

Are you debating whether to DIY or to call a professional window cleaner? Here are some tips to make up your mind.

1. Saving time – Cleaning of your windows can be very time consuming. The professional window cleaner of CleanDay London can do that job in no time.

2. Spotting general problems – A professional window cleaner can spot problems that otherwise you wouldn’t.  He can identify problems such as sashes that are painted shut, ill-fitting window screens, wood rot on windowsills, or damaged or non-functional windows. Spotting such problems early on can save you a big expense later. Little things like painted sashes and clogged channels might be the difference between getting out in case of fire or being forced to take another way out of danger.

3. Removing insects – Bees sometimes build nests behind window shutters and wasps can build paper nests between storm windows.

4. Extending the life of a window – A professional window cleaner can restore the glass and extend your window’s life with a treatment. For example, old aluminum screens can leave patterns of deposits on the glass, much like lime deposits in the shower, this making the glass more prone to cracks and chips.

5. Providing the window cleaning supplies and tools – The professional window cleaner in CleanDay London has just the right tools, such as ladders, telescopic window-washing tools, to safely clean hard-to-reach windows. He will also provide the right cleaning products, so to clean the windows without damaging them.

How much window cleaning costs varies from one company to another. Many companies offer cheap window cleaning, however cheap does not always mean quality cleaning.

At CleanDay London you can rest assured that you will receive the quality cleaning that your windows deserve.

Dkot5A Author