Enjoy the romance of Sozopol!

Would you like to bring in your life a little romance? Do you dream of pleasant holiday with your beloved one? Are you ready to do everything possible to surprise your half and to make him/her really happy? If yes, then stop dreaming and start doing – there are many beautiful places across the world where you can spend unforgettable, romantic vacation for two! You just have to take some time and to see what amazing offers in the Internet there are… And probably, you are going to tell us now that you have no time to make some researches, because you are too busy, have too much work to do, or are not quite sure where exactly want to go… That is okay – you are on the right place where the information about lovely destinations abounds and where you can get many great ideas about where to go, what are the cool things you can do during your stay and how to find the best travel deals! And it’s all on one place – thequaichaberfeldy.co.uk (your blog for exciting holidays).


And since we love romantic vacations too, would like to tell you where one of the most romantic place in Europe is… Have you already guessed? No, this place is not in Greek, nor in Turkey, not even in the beautiful Romania – it is located along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and is called Sozopol! Yes, that is right. Sozopol is one the most gorgeous, captivating and impressing cities we have ever seen and would like more people to see it too! It so amazing that you will fall in love with it at first sight – the small, old houses, the cozy environment, the amazing atmosphere and the friendly locals will amaze you as never before!


Spring is the perfect time for you to go to Sozopol. This is the time when everything is green, flowers are blooming and everywhere you can feel the pleasant smell of the awakening nature! And if you add to this beautiful picture the romantic atmosphere of Sozopol, will enjoy really amazing combination… But not only during the spring season you can have a wonderful vacation in Sozopol… If you go there during the summer months, you will also have a great time and will experience lots of exciting emotions! Except this, this is the time of the year when everybody has unlimited possibilities for having fun both day and night – water sports, sandy beaches, night life, excellent outdoor establishments (restaurants, pubs, cafes etc.). And if you choose to visit Sozopol in June, July or August, be sure that in no case you won’t be disappointed!

Well, probably you have no patience anymore to tell you more about this wonderful city, right? Of course, we attend to do just that – to show YOU the magic of this place and to guide you before you hit the road!

This ancient city is located in the Southeast Bulgaria, on a rocky peninsula and is hiding incredible sights which will impress you with its beauty and charm! Everybody who steps there for the first time will be captured by the lovely atmosphere, pleasant environment and the old buildings…

Have in mind that all the houses in Sozopol are built long ago, but still carry the spirit of the distant past! Locals keep their means of livelihood and take care of it with lots of love and diligence – that’s why the city looks so beautiful and you will have the feeling that as if the time is stopped.

Recently, more and more people prefer to spend their family holidays at some quiet and different place. But why?- Well, the reason is very simple. Most people who work hard have some stress all the time, as well as travel with their children, do not like the noisy and crowded resorts. And do not get us wrong – in Sozopol you will see many people too, but the difference between this city and Sunny Beach resort (the biggest and the most popular among young people summer destination in Bulgaria) is huge! So, a holiday in Sozopol will be much better choice in case you are traveling parents, need a fulfilled relaxation and would like to stay away from the noise!


Reading this, maybe you are wondering if in Sozopol there are some night clubs where to bust a move on the dance floor after your dinner, right? Yes, there are! And except that they exist, they are awesome too! Nightlife in Sozopol is really exciting and without any problems you can spend great time till the morning.

Every vacation (solo or family) is related to spending of money… And before every trip, most people feverishly counted all the expenses that they may have. But even if you foresee all the costs possible, the chance to miss something is big… So, just stop calculate and start enjoying your holiday in Sozopol  – there is very cheap, there are many attractive deals and you will see for yourself that all your worries were unnecessary!

Being in this amazing city, you will be able to afford more than you have ever expected – very good hotels, nice restaurants that offer delicious food, SPA centers, lots of entertainments for you and your kids etc.

And as we have mentioned the hotels in Sozopol, would like to offer you some of them: hotel Selena, hotel Coral, hotel Selena Beach, hotel Breeze, hotel Panorama Bay, Black Sea Paradise etc.

Every of them is perfect for your family vacation, as you will be able to enjoy a full package of tourist services and most diverse extras!

Most of the accommodations in Sozopol are 4-star or 3-star and together with that, prices are very acceptable. And except that you will not spend too much, will even succeed to save some money – most travel deals you will find in the hotels are All Inclusive and if you make your reservation till the end of this month, you can get a big discount!

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