Dubrovnik, Croatia – one of the most desired summer destinations this year. See why!

The magnificent country of Croatia must be in your list when it comes to holiday destinations you attend to visit in the near future… Probably, you know this land (from the Internet, various tourist advertisements or from the television) and if you hadn’t the good fortune to go on a holiday there, then surely you are on tiptoe with curiosity to see live all the beauty and charm of this land!!

Today we set a task to inform you about Croatia as a holiday destination, as well as to guide you where to stay and how to spend your time as good as possible in this country (it is very likely you to fall in love with this place and to have no patience to visit it once again ♥).


The city you will see in any organized excursion is Dubrovnik – a place that is always “in fashion” on the tourist market and among the European holidaymakers! And it never will lose its popularity because the holiday destinations where you can find so much beauty in one place are white crow!

In Croatia, the city of Dubrovnik is maybe the most attractive and visited spot, especially when it comes to family or romantic holidays (surprise your half with holiday for two in Dubrovnik)… As to the Adriatic that is surrounding the town – it will amaze you with its spectacular beauty and picturesque tints (for art people this city may become a real muse)!


In the eastern part of Dubrovnik you will find the impressive old town that seems like is from another world… There you can enjoy the many historical monuments, incredible old buildings created several centuries ago, museums, ancient churches etc., as the lovely clock tower located on the square is one of the great sights you will see in Dubrovnik!

Another big attraction in the old town of Dubrovnik is the fortified walls (still in excellent condition), which began to be built in the 13th century and in the course of 400 years!! In places the walls reach a height of 100 meters and you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the Adriatic Sea.

For all fans of shopping, in the old town of Dubrovnik there are many nice shops and markets where you can buy some local products or beautiful souvenirs ;).

In the region around Dubrovnik there are great sandy beaches where you’ll be able to enjoy bright sun and the turquoise water of the Adriatic – by spending a time at the gorgeous beach, you will make your summer holiday in Croatia complete and perfect!

Dkot5A Author