Visit the “Golden pearl” of Black Sea and enjoy the beauty of Golden Sands resort!

Hello there! Since you are here and reading these rows, it means that you are interested in topics related to holidays, trips and adventures. Are we right? However, if you have clicked on our blog accident, continue reading because staying here you will find many tips and helpful information as regards to your next family vacation! If recently you think often about summer holiday but still wondering how to make a choice of suitable destination, know that today you will get very attractive offer that may perfectly suits you.

Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria – the golden pearl of this land and more specially along the Black Sea coast… Have you ever heard about this place? If no, then this article will be of most interest for you and you will already have some idea where to go during the summer season with your beloved ones!


This incredible holiday resort is called “Golden Sands” because of its amazing sand of golden color! Probably you know that there is nothing accident just like the name of this destination… Except its beautiful and clean sand, Golden Sands is popular with the picturesque nature in this area too! The resort is a part of the protected by the low natural park of “Golden Sands”, as provides excellent conditions for sunbathing and relaxation among peaceful environment and atmosphere!

In case that you are asking yourself “I will be on a holiday with my children, what can they do there?”, here comes the answer: They will be able to do many things, they will have lots of fun and you have to be sure that your kids will have perfect stay in Golden Sands (there is a big variety of interesting activities like: pony riding, different kinds of games, water entertainments etc.).

Just think about the opportunity to do so many different things while being on one place… You need cool yourself – go to the beach; you need e relaxation – go to the incredible park and enjoy the song of birds and the beauty of the various greenery!

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