For your fully relaxation visit the most beautiful summer resort of Bulgaria – Golden Sands!

Until the beginning of the long-awaited summer 2017 remain only three months – a time in which to choose where to spend your yearly vacation at sea. You don’t have any idea or at least some preference regarding a summer destination? Don’t worry because that is quite normal considering all the tourist offers in the Internet – they can completely confuse you with its diversity!

That is our work – to help you find your place where to relax fully, to have lots of unforgettable fun and pay less. And here comes our great proposal for today – the Bulgarian summer resort of Golden Sands (one of our favorite places for spending every summer vacation).

What is that place and what has to offer? That place is a unique natural park and has really lots to offer: beautiful sandy beaches, many varied entertainments, wonderful restaurants and hotels and extremely low prices! Those are the reasons why this magnificent resort is family friendly destination and so visited by people (from many different nationalities) keen of summer holidays and sea adventures…


Let’s imagine that you’re already there (in Golden Sands) and thinking about how to start your one-week or ten-day vacation… Well, you can start with the visit of the gorgeous beach – still, that is a vacation at sea and there is no way you to start with something different, right? Being there you will understand why this lovely place is called “the Golden Sands”- the fine sand with golden color is the reason for this name – it sounds logical, right!

The nature… Enjoy it by walking around the area! Did you know that Golden Sands is a territory protected by the Bulgarian’s lows? Yes, it is and that will hardly surprise anyone – there are many beautiful birds and plants that you must see and enjoy their beaty!

As far as your hotel reservation, go ahead and do not hesitate about that too much – all accommodations in Golden Sands are great and wherever you stay, will have excellent relaxation and pleasant time among cozy environment. You will be also pleasantly surprised by the good restaurants offering tasty meals and excellent services!

Dkot5A Author