Cleaning tips for your home part 1

Today we want to talk about some cleaning tips, which you may use to clean more efficiently than ever. We will concentrate our first article around the carpet stain removal techniques. In our parts two and three we will cover other areas and objects that are pretty hard to clean, like for example the oven. So stay tuned for some VIP Home Cleaning , but first the carpet guide for stain removal.

We all deal with carpet stains from time to time, even more frequently when you have kids or some kind of pet – cats, dogs or rabbits. We will start with some basic tips.

First tip – do not rub the carpet when something is spilled on it, this will damage the fibers and probably the liquid will go deeper, not other way around. Just soak up and blot as much as you can. For this purpose you can use few layers of paper towel and press hard with your hand or just stand on it for a while, when you are sure that there is not any more of the substance on the carpet you can start remove the stain itself.

Second tip – when comes down to dirt or other not so hard to clean stain just use water, but carefully. When comes down to pet or kids stains on your favorite carpet, you have to look for good enzyme cleaner (maybe spray) to break down the stain and the odor will fade in time.

Third tip – if the stains are hard you can use professional help by VIP Cleaning London team. This company is cleaning wizard, they will clean everything in matter of hours and you will be left out with clean carpet for the time being or at least until your kids or pet make a mess again. They will ensure that the warranty of you carpet is still good after the stain removal.

If you choose to use some spray or other kind of stain removal be careful because you may damage the fibers and your warranty for the rug will be gone.

Carpet stain removals are one of the hardest things to do. When comes down to cleaning, use our three tips and battle them properly. Stay tuned for part 2.

Dkot5A Author