Shower cleaning – surely it is time again?

When cleaning the bathroom, we would like to get perfect results for short time. This part of our home is very important and we mustn’t ignore its deep cleaning, because the consequences will be at our expense… But it can’t be denied that the bathroom cleaning is hard for implementation and many often unpleasant too. […]

Steam sofa cleaning – something your family need!

What you are thinking about the weekly home cleaning? Are you feeling bored during the implementation of the daily tasks related to the maintenance of your flat? Well, there is no point to answering us at all. We know very well that each of us is sick and tired of the endless cleaning that seems […]

How to easily clean your windows?

Window cleaning can be difficult, time consuming and often job that we are not able to do due to lack of equipment. Many properties have windows that are difficult to clean or hard to reach. Some have problems, which can be noticed only by the professional trained eye of a window cleaner. A professional window […]

How to perfectly clean our gym?

Cleanliness is one of the most things we have to think about, no matter whether it’s for our home, office or the business premise. In all cases, we are forced to clean regularly especially in we want to live surrounded by clean and fresh environment. We haven’t skip this important part of our daily round […]

Regular cleaner service – what you need to know.

Yo, good day to you. First, we want to thank you for visiting our small independent blog The Quaich Aberfeldy. Today we want to talk about the regular cleaner routine and how you can hire an experienced team to help you with the task of cleaning your lovely home. We want to thank also to […]

Flat cleaning in London – What you need to know

Hey there it has been a while since we post something for our “my secrets at home” category. We are apologizing for that and we will take note to do more articles. Today we will cover one of the most used and well known cleaning services in London – flat cleaning. What is flat cleaning? […]

Life is short – do not spend it in cleaning!

If we have a personal maid at our disposal, who to clean our home daily, it will be more than perfect! But the reality is such that more often we do not have the financial opportunity for this. We are forced to maintain out property by ourselves, without even thinking about extras like the presence […]