If you want to experience an unforgettable snowy adventure, then visit the winter resort of Borovets!

Are you planning to go to the mountain for a winter holiday with your family this year? Have you ever been on a ski resort, surrounding by magnificent nature, fresh air and lots of fun …? Well, if you haven’t but are dreaming to visit such a place, stay with us to learn more about where you can go for a fulfilling and unforgettable winter vacation – search for ski bulgaria borovets to see more!


Did you know that the small country of Bulgaria is hiding incredible mountains, wonderful landmarks and many of attractive winter and summer resorts?? If you have not had the chance to visit this amazing land until now and more specially its lovely and modern mountain resorts, then be ready for a real adventure… After reading today’s article, you will have an irresistible desire to go there right now and to see with your eyes all the beauty and romantic atmosphere that the Bulgarian mountains are hiding.

Today, we would like to present to you our favorite ski resort – the charming Borovets!!!

Located in the majestic Rila mountain, this place is the oldest and biggest winter holiday destination in Bulgaria. Its popularity is not only in Bulgaria, but across the whole world /every year this unique place welcomes thousands fans that are hot on skiing, snowboarding, other winter sports and activities.

By visiting the attractive Borovets resort you will be surprised from the very beginning by the well-maintained ski base, luxury hotels, cozy restaurants and variety of entertainments suitable for all kinds of ages! In order to respond to all the European requirements, both ski runs and lifts are managed and maintained in the best way possible! You have to be sure that every day in Borovets will be worth it, because there are excellent conditions for having great winter vacation and ski adventures. If you do not love skiing or other snowy entertainments, have in mind that you will have the great pleasure to take a walk among an amazing and breathtaking nature, dense forests and fresh air.

As for the restaurants and hotels in Borovets, consider that all they are on a very high level as regards to food, beverages, hotel equipment and furnishings, centers for relaxation and night clubs…

Finally, we would like mention the low prices of all services in Borovets – in comparison with other European and well-developed ski resorts, being in the winter resort of Borovets you will spend much less money than somewhere else!

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