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Bikers Invade The things to do

Fife BikersIt was a wet Sunday afternoon in August when all was peaceful in the little town of Aberfeldy. Suddenly the silence was broken by the roar of engines. People stopped. Heads turned. Townsfolk ran for cover. Yes folks, the boys were back in town, the boys being a group of about twenty very pleasant guys and gals, all motorcycle enthusiasts who are members of Fife Bikers Motorcycle Club.

Fife BikersOnce we got over the initial shock normal service was resumed and many coffees, snacks and toilet visits later, the shop was buzzing with their patter and leg pulling. Most of this was aimed at each other but the girls behind the counter received the odd one here and there but took them in the spirit they were intended. There was one individual who was a very keen vegetarian and ate so much lettuce that he could not physically take any more. He also had a very unusual liking for the taste of Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner (see the link to the photos and you will see what I mean). Once the guys were gone, a quick hose down and the shop was back in action again.

All the staff appreciated the good humour and patience of the bikers. In our four years of running coffee shops, we have had hundreds of bikers through our doors. We have yet to find an unfriendly biker. They are normally just very happy to get a bite to eat and a nice hot coffee. We would hope that more places would open their doors to these guys based on our experience.

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